KeyCloak Help Needed

Hello everyone! I am stuck there and waiting for a solution or response.
Can someone guide me what to do? I am newbie so please don’t mind if I am asking basic

I am having a 405 error when I try to sign up for a new account on my local machine. I don’t know what I am doing wrong because always appear this error

“PUT http://localhost:9000/v1/account/my-profile/add_additional_information/ 405 (Not Allowed)”

Here are the screenshot for the reference;
Weni_webapp and and weni_engine applications are running in the docker successfully.

where am i making a mistake kindly help me identify that step? Thank you!

Hello, @najamar I couldn’t see the images you posted in your thread. Could you explain better what you need to do, what you are doing and what error is happening?

Hello @SarahPinheiro, Thanks for the reply. I am stuck here for one weeks. also email to support but didn’t get any reply.
I have setup weni app & engine in docker successfully but when I run the app it is throwing errors. After singing-in, I enter the information in three steps when I click on the finish button, the modal message appears and in console there is an error with 405

Port Details:
weni-webapp is running on 9000 port
weni-engine is ruuning on 80 port
Keycloak is running on 8080 port

PUT localhost:9000/v1/account/my-profile/add_additional_information/ 405 (Not Allowed)
Here is the screenshot

All apps are running in the docker.

I just want to know how can I fix it or what is the right configuration for keycloak to run the app successfully.

@SarahPinheiro Can you please guide me, what to do?

Hello @SarahPinheiro, Could you please share your .env file and keycloak configuration details here. Thanks