Can Weni create a comprehensive and interactive shopping experience?

Is it possible to design a WhatsApp chatbot conversation flow to integrate an e-store’s API, allowing users to fetch a list of products, view details of individual products, and add selected products to their cart by interacting with buttons within the WhatsApp interface?

Detailed Workflow:

  1. User Initiates Chat:
  • A user starts a conversation with the WhatsApp chatbot.
  1. Fetch Product List:
  • The chatbot queries the store’s API to retrieve a list of available products in multiple categories.
  • The store’s API responds with a structured list of products, including details such as product names, descriptions, prices, and images.
  1. Display Products:
  • The chatbot formats the product list and sends it to the user in a user-friendly manner. This could include:
  • A brief description of each product.
  • Price information.
  • A thumbnail image (if supported by the WhatsApp interface).
  • Mutiple categories have products, each product listing includes a button labeled (e.g., “View Details” or “Add to Cart”).
  1. User Interaction - View Details:
  • If the user clicks on the “View Details” button, the chatbot fetches more detailed information about the selected product from the store’s API.
  • The detailed product information is then displayed to the user.
  1. User Interaction - Add to Cart:
  • If the user clicks the “Add to Cart” button, the chatbot sends a request to the store’s API to add the selected product to the user’s cart.
  • The store’s API responds with a confirmation message, which the chatbot relays to the user.
  1. Cart Management:
  • The chatbot can also provide functionalities for the user to view their cart, remove items, or proceed to checkout, by interacting with appropriate buttons and commands.

Implementation Considerations:

  • API Integration:
  • Ensure the store’s API supports necessary endpoints for listing products, fetching product details, and managing the shopping cart.
  • WhatsApp Business API using Weni:
  • Use the WhatsApp Business API using weni app that supports interactive messages and buttons to handle user interactions seamlessly.

Example Interaction:

  1. User: “Hi, I want to see the available products in french perfumes.”
  2. Chatbot: “Here are some products you might like perfumes in french category: [Product List with View Details/Add to Cart buttons]”
  3. **User clicks “View Details” for Product A. **
  4. Chatbot: “Here are the details for Product A: [Detailed Information]”
  5. **User clicks “Add to Cart” for Product A. **
  6. Chatbot: “Product A has been added to your cart. Would you like to view your cart or continue shopping?”

By following this detailed workflow, can Weni create a comprehensive and interactive shopping experience within the WhatsApp channel, leveraging the store’s API and WhatsApp’s messaging capabilities?

Hello @najamar . Weni already has ecommerce cases on Whatsapp and yes, all of this is possible. Today we have projects integrated with VTEX, but ideally you have your ecommerce ERP so that we can integrate directly with your system.